BOSS has announced that its DR-01S Rhythm Partner is now available. The instrument provides percussion backing for acoustic guitarists and other acoustic musicians.


The DR-01S features a powerful integrated sound system, and comes equipped with ready-to-play rhythm patterns that complement unplugged acoustic instruments. Compact, battery-powered, and simple to use, the go-anywhere DR-01S makes playing acoustic music even more enjoyable and inspiring.

Unlike other rhythm machines that are designed for electronic and pop music applications, the DR-01S is a unique product specifically designed for acoustic music. Backed by decades of percussion development by BOSS and Roland, the DR-01S contains a wide variety of organic acoustic sounds derived from high-end products.

Via an intuitive interface, DR-01S users can access simple patterns and variations that are optimized for acoustic music styles. It’s also possible to add or subtract instruments – for example, shaker, tambourine, bongos, congas and more – on the fly. Dedicated buttons are on hand to quickly adjust volume and tempo, and to add a count-in before the accompaniment starts. The DR-01S also includes a standard metronome for basic music practice.

The DR-01S is equipped with a sophisticated audio system that produces big, full sound from a small footprint. An Aux In jack allows users to play backing music from a smartphone or other device, while a Line Out jack enables connection to a larger sound system. The DR-01S also supports optional footswitches for start/stop, tap tempo, and triggering sounds.

DR-01S Rhythm Partner features

  • Great-sounding, easy-to-use rhythm box designed for acoustic musicians.
  • Filled with simple, tasteful grooves to support and enhance unplugged music styles.
  • Convenient all-in-one design with high-quality integrated sound system.
  • User-friendly interface for selecting instrument types and grooves, adjusting volume and tempo, and more.
  • Seven simultaneous instrument categories include everything from tambourines, shakers, and congas to full drum set, sound effects, standard metronome, and many other sounds.
  • Dedicated patterns in each instrument category, with the ability to layer patterns from all categories together in real time.
  • Save 50 favorite rhythm combinations for quick recall.
  • Control various functions and trigger sounds hands-free with optional footswitches.
  • Line out for connecting to an acoustic guitar amp or larger sound system.
  • Aux input enables use as a speaker for a smartphone or other audio player.
  • Powered by six AA-size batteries or included AC adapter.

The BOSS DR-01S Rhythm Partner is now available, priced at $229.99 USD.

More information: BOSS / DR-01S Rhythm Partner