BOSS has announced the MS-3 Multi Effects Switcher, a new-concept pedalboard solution that maximizes creative options for guitarists and bassists.

The MS-3 combines a flagship BOSS multi-effects engine and multi-pedal switcher in one small, integrated unit, enabling you to put together a professional effects system that is light, compact, and versatile enough to achieve nearly any sound imaginable.


The MS-3 can run up to six internal pedal effects at once while seamlessly integrating three of the user’s favorite external pedals. It includes 111 onboard effects types, plus a dedicated noise suppressor and built-in tuner. The MS-3 offers deep rig control capabilities as well, allowing users to switch amp channels, adjust effects in real time, work with MIDI devices, and more.

The MS-3’s heavy-duty footswitches provide easy command of the entire system. There’s a backlit LCD that clearly shows patch/bank numbers and parameters, plus dedicated knobs for editing and status indicators for all loops and effects. In addition, 200 patch locations provide ample memory for storing effects and control setups for instant recall.

With the free MS-3 Editor/Librarian software, users can edit effects, assign control parameters, set tempos, and more from their computer. The software also makes it possible to back up and restore patches, and organize them into Live Sets for various gigs.

MS-3 features

  • Powerful integrated solution for creating a compact professional pedalboard.
  • Unlimited sound creation with six simultaneous pedal effects and audio loops for connecting three external pedals.
  • 112 built-in effects types for guitar and bass, including delays, reverbs, mod/pitch effects, overdrives, distortions, and more.
  • Intuitive user interface for easy patch creation.
  • Backlit LCD, editing knobs, and panel LEDs for on/off status of loops and effects.
  • Control assign, wave pedal, and other functions for deep real-time expression.
  • Equipped with numerous jacks for amp channel switching, effects control, and more.
  • MIDI output for working with MIDI-enabled effects.
  • Built-in tuner, noise suppressor, and global EQ.
  • USB for patch creation and backup via free MS-3 Editor/Librarian software.

The MS-3 is available for purchase for $699 USD.

More information: BOSS / MS-3 Multi Effects Switcher