Zenhiser Boutique Drums

Zenhiser has released Boutique Drums, a collection of electronic drum sounds, beats and percussive loops.

An absolute must for your production library this outerworldly sample pack contains everything drum related for the forward thinking producer. Packed full of diverse drum loops ranging in bpm from 90 – 140, Boutique Drums caters for multiple genres ranging from 80’s Synth Pop to Hip Hop.

Truely functional grooves within the drum pack veer towards the more steppy side of music whilst the impeccable collection of drum sounds are suited for every use including 4 to the floor productions. FX sounds shine bright with sweeps, crunches, slides, beeps, percussive tones, bangs, shakes and samples you simply haven’t heard before. You’ll also find all the stems from the preview, neatly folded with key information for added musical inspiration.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £23.95 GBP.

More information: Zenhiser / Boutique Drums