Riot Audio has announced the release of Bowed Guitar Clouds, a Kontakt instrument library featuring the sounds of bowed string instruments.

Bowed Guitar Clouds is a cinematic morphing pad library based on Riot Audio’s proprietary CLOUDS engine and featuring 4 instruments: Bowed Hollowbody Electric, Bowed Acoustic Guitar, Bowed Semi-Acoustic Bass, Bowed Braguinha.

A follow-up to the hugely successful Bowed Glass Clouds, it comes with 1.2 GB of sample content and 40 lovingly crafted snapshots/presets.

Bowed Guitar Clouds features

  • Multi-layer morphing pad instrument running in Kontakt 5.8 and above (full version only).
  • Source instruments include:
    • Bowed hollowbody electric guitar.
    • Bowed semi-acoustic bass.
    • Bowed steel-string acoustic guitar.
    • Bowed Portuguese steel-string ukulele (Braguinha).
  • 40 presets (snapshots) in total.
  • Instant rich, organic evolving pad textures.
  • Built with Riot Audio’s proprietary “CLOUDS” engine which uses Kontakt’s AET Filter morphing technology.
  • 12 layers of sound.

The library is available for the intro price of £29 GBP until September 11th, 2019 (regular £49 GBP).

More information: Riot Audio