Sonic Zest has just announced the release of a new Kontakt instrument library. Bowed Vibes is a cello-bowed vibraphone featuring the sounds of a Musser Pro M55 vibraphone.

It’s hard to explain just how beautiful the sound of a vibraphone being bowed is. It’s a percussion instrument, so it’s supposed to be hit with a mallet. But applying a cello bow to the metal bars unleashes a sound like no other.

The sound of bowing instantly makes it appear orchestral at first, but then you soon hear a slowly evolving glassy, almost metallic tone appear from underneath. Playing chords and adding reverb makes the sound of a bowed vibraphone become almost like a chamber choir.

Bowed Vibes for Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher (full version) is on sale for $16 USD until January 31st. The regular price is $32 USD.

Rob Caggiano Preset Packs

STL Tones has announced the launch of Rob Caggiano’s preset packs, available for ToneHub and Kemper.

Rob Caggiano is a New York born and bred guitarist and producer. Known as a performer with first Anthrax and now Volbeat, Rob has produced records for both bands. His varied production resume ranges from Grammy-nominated albums with Cradle Of Filth to Jesse Malin and Bruce Springsteen.

This pack covers all bases, from radio rock friendly clean tones, to Volbeat’s massive arena rhythms, on to the kind of lead sound required for a member of the Big Four.

The Rob Caggiano packs are on sale for the intro price of $49.99 USD until February 5th, 2021.

The Rob Caggiano ToneHub preset pack is free when you purchase the ToneHub Plugin in the same transaction and use the promotional code STLROB at checkout.

express MPE free presets

As part of NAMM’s Believe In Music week, Sensel has released express MPE, a free set of MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) presets.

Available for free as part of Sensel’s mission to spread the word about MPE and make it more accessible to artists everywhere, the pack includes presets for five different synthesizer plugins (Aalto, Kaivo, Quanta, Pigments, Serum), two DAWS (Bitwig and Live 11) and one hardware synth (ASM Hydrasynth).

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) digitizes the subtleties of touch. As more and more software and hardware synthesizers adopt this standard, there’s never been a better time to play sounds that react to more than just a tap. MPE lets you experience a deep connection to electronic sound.

The express MPE Preset pack has over 40 presets and is free to download from the Sensel website.

Limited time sales

Triple Spiral Audio has announced that Frank Dierickx from CL-Projects has joined Triple Spiral Audio with a collection of products: 2 Omnisphere soundsets, 13 Kontakt libraries and 3 soundbanks for the Roland D50 and Juno Alpha hardware synths. The products are on sale with a 25% discount until February 7th at Triple Spiral Audio.

NatLife Sounds is offering 40% off for all Sylenth1 presets until January 29th, and Audentity Records has a limited promotion where you can buy 2 sound packs 2 and get a 3rd for free. Just add three products to the cart and the one with the lowest price will be free. This offer is valid until February 1st at the Audentity Records store.

Check the deals, deals, deals list for many more limited time promotions.