Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on two of Boz Digital Labs’ flagship plugins, offering 80% off for a few days only.

On sale for $29 USD, Big Beautiful Door is a dynamics processor that takes a completely fresh approach to EQ and dynamics.

Big Beautiful door is what you get when an EQ and a Gate make a baby together. Then, right when the baby comes out, you inject it with a few doses of steroids. Seriously, this thing is so powerful and is really easy to use. This is not a one trick pony. This does everything from ducking your bass when your kick hits, to acting as the world’s most powerful vocal EQ. Big Beautiful Door opens up a whole new world of creativity and streamlines your workflow like no other dynamics plugin.

ProVocative is an easy to use plugin for instant thicker tracks.

Micro pitch shifting is not a new effect. It is a trick that has been used for decades to thicken and widen vocals, synths and guitars (some people even use it on drums). So why did we make another one? Because we wanted one that was dead easy to use without sacrificing control. ProVocative is so quick and easy to dial in. It’s also incredibly light on your CPU without sacrificing quality.

ProVocative is just $19 USD during the promotion, which ends March 16th, 2021.

More information: Boz Digital Labs