Boz Digital Labs has announced the launch of its annual Labor Day Sale, offering a discount on two of its audio effect plugins for the next few days.

You may have noticed from the subject line that we’re not joking about this sale. I take Labor Day very seriously, which is why I’m offering serious savings on two labor-saving plug-ins: Sasquatch 2 kick drum machine and T-Bone slant (tilt) EQ.

On sale for $29 USD (regular $99 USD), Sasquatch 2 is a CPU-friendly kick drum enhancement plug-in that enables you to custom-tailor the sound of any kick drum, acoustic or electronic, with exhaustive creative possibilities, ranging from subtle to extreme and beyond.

Boz Digital Labs Sasquatch 2

Sasquatch 2 features

  • Custom-tailor the sound of any acoustic or electronic kick drum.
  • Exhaustive creative possibilities from subtle enhancement to musical mutation.
  • Individually tweak and blend “Oomph” (body), “Click” (attack) and “Dry” sound with a unique set of creative tools.
  • Instantaneous triggering; no phase or flam issues.
  • Easily create and customize “drops”.
  • CPU-friendly with straightforward, easy-to-use graphic interface.

T-Bone is an overall track or mix-bus tone-shaping EQ that boosts and cuts simultaneously, enabling you to brighten dull tracks or tame harsh tracks without an increase in amplitude or unwanted frequency-based artifacts.

Boz Digital Labs T-Bone

T-Bone features

  • Slant EQ simultaneously boosts and attenuates for quick tone shaping without gain increase.
  • Use on individual tracks or main mix bus.
  • High- and low-pass filters with resonance control.
  • Boom and Harsh controls tame unwanted side effects.
  • Wet/dry mix control.
  • Low CPU usage.

T-Bone is on sale for only $19 USD (regular $49 USD). The offer is valid until September 10th, 2020.

More information: Boz Digital Labs