Boz Digital Labs needs some help with name suggestions for its upcoming clipper/limiter effect plugin, to make sure it won’t end up as “Clippy Wippy”.

Boz Digital Labs Clippy Wippy

Over the past few years, I’ve found myself reaching for clipping plugins more than I expected I would. When used correctly, they can have a huge effect on the overall cohesiveness of your mix, they make compressors sound better downstream and make reverbs sound more natural, especially on percussion. But there are a couple things about clippers have always bothered me:

  1. They get nasty when you push them too hard, and it’s really easy to push them too hard.
  2. Low frequencies tend to dominate the distortion

Clippy Wippy solves these two issues with a couple of super handy features. Instead of being just a clipper, Clippy Wippy is sort of a hybrid clipper/limiter. It lets you dial in the clipping and limiting flavors in just the right way to match your content.

With already well over 500 suggestions it may be hard to come up with something original, but if you find the right name for this plugin you can win a free copy.

The contest ends February 16th.

More information: Boz Digital Labs