Boz Digital Labs has announced the launch of its “BIG” Labor Day Sale, with up to 80% off on two of its effect plugins.

Big Clipper gives you unprecedented control over clipping and limiting, and resolves the shortcomings of lesser digital clipping techniques.

With 3 bands of sensitivity control, you gain the ability to fine tune its effect on the entire frequency spectrum.

Big Clipper achieves ultimate finesse in clipping/limiting and removes all the guesswork. Make a BIG impact on your mixes and grab Big Clipper while the price is right!

The features within Big Beautiful Door are vast in function and highly detailed in control.

By combining precise gate functionality and expansive 3-band EQ, BBD allows you to zero in on the sound and instant that you want to adjust and further shape it with powerful frequency controls.

There is no better vocal EQ out there in terms of creative problem-solving and musicality.

The plugins are on sale for only $29 USD each for a limited time.

More information: Boz Digital Labs