Boz Digital Labs has announced the launch of a Hot Summertime Sale, offering a discount on the Manic Compressor and Transgressor 2 audio effect plugins.

Manic Compressor makes cumbersome and procedurally intense chores easy and intuitive.

With true parallel processing, it features six compressor models and the ability to switch between them instantly without changing settings. Two EQ sections give you sidechain controlas well as the ability to create truly unique sounds unattainable by standard EQ/compressor combinations.

Manic Compressor features

  • Six compressors; instantly switchable with settings retained.
  • Separate wet, dry, and master faders for true parallel compression.
  • Three-position “Beef” switch changes response to input signal.
  • “Loud Relief” allows natural dynamic response at extreme settings.

Transgressor 2 sets a new standard for transient design by combining transient shaping with two 4-band equalizers, giving you the unprecedented power to EQ attack and sustain individually.

Now you can craft the sound of your drums any way you want, whether it’s subtle enhancement or changing the sound of an entire kit, and more.

Transgressor 2 features

  • Dual 4-band EQs slopes independently treat attack and sustain.
  • Gain controls boost or cut transients and sustain independently.
  • Adjustable transient detector eliminates false triggers from bleed.
  • Three sidechain modes with “listen” feature to monitor sidechain signal.

The plugins are on sale for only $29 USD each until June 22nd, 2020 (regular $149 USD).

More information: Boz Digital Labs