Braindoc Amplitude Modulator beta

Braindoc has released a public beta of Amplitude Modulator, a freeware amplitude modulation (envelope/LFO/gate) plug-in for Windows.

Amplitude Modulator requires MIDI-input:

  • On note-on, the modulation generator starts at time zero. When the note is being held, it will run into a loop, wich is determined by the two locators. This results in a generalized sustain in terms of the ADSR-model
  • On note-off, it leaves the loop and runs through the part behind the loop-end locator. This can be seen as generalized release
  • When it reaches its end-point, it will stay at this level until a new note-on comes in
  • Neither start- nor end-point are fixed at zero level, they can have any value – if you adjust them to unity level, the output amplitude will be unaffected, when no note is being played
  • When you have them at zero (as in the screenshot), output will be silent, when no note is being played

Comments and bugreports are welcome. (click the Mail button in the left menu)

You can download the Amplitude Modulator beta.