Brainspawn Forte 2

Brainspawn has released version 2.2.6 of Forte, a host application for Windows.

Forte 2 is a live performance workstation for virtual instruments, offering more control and convenience than a traditional rack of hardware sound modules. forte is optimized for the stage, with low latency audio, vast MIDI routing capabilities, and unique live performance features.

Changes in Forte v2.2.6

  • Fixed the “global” behavior of plugin disconnect scene command.
  • Show scenes in order in rack editor.
  • Fixed MIDI input for Spectrasonics Omnisphere and some other VST 2.4 plugins.
  • Reduced the verbosity of the rack load process if running Forte in an Remote Desktop session – speeds up rack load.
  • Resizable and Maximizable Plugin Manager.
  • Fixed problem with crash when trying to initialize a non-existent VST plugin DLL.
  • Fixed crash on exit with VMI instruments.
  • Added instrument channel mute to instruments in the rack editor.
  • Added a “full rescan” option to the plugin manager (clear and rescan). Renamed the existing plugin manager scan to “Quick Scan”.

Forte 2 is available to purchase for Windows PC, starting at $149.95 USD for the Performer Edition.

Visit Brainspawn for more information.