Brainworx has announced bx_rockrack, the first plug-in in its new Rock’n’Roll line of plug-ins.

The first product to be presented in this video sneak preview shows the soon-to-be-released bx_rockrack Guitar Amp plugin, and reveals the totally new approach Brainworx has taken to model not only a guitar amplifier and a speaker, but to “digitally capture” the whole recording chain of the NEVE VXS 72 equipped Brainworx Studio in Germany.

Unlike most other digital guitar plugins bx_rockrack does not offer models of “57 amps, 68 cabinets and 273 microphones”, but 3 GREAT SOUNDING AMPS (clean, crunch, lead – modeled with the typical BX quality, of course), and for the first time ever the complete recording chains of some of the best real-world studios out there (read below)!

Each recording chain contains the guitar power amp, the speaker cabinet, the microphone(s), mic preamp and console EQ, plus even the post-production effects needed to produce walls-of-sound ready to be released on any major label production. And.. bx_rockrack is as easy to operate as a real guitar rack!

A guitar, a DI box and bx_rockrack, that´s all you need to rock & roll.
Yes, we’re serious about this statement.

The PRO version will even enable you to use your own, real guitar amplifier or preamp to record through the recording chains we have captured, and to play our modeled amps live through your speaker cabinet on stage.

The recording sound of international top studios – in your computer!

After just finishing to capture the Brainworx Studio we will be in Los Angeles at the end of April to capture the recording chain of one of the world’s best-known rock guitar sound studios, famous and responsible for many of your favorite rock & metal CDs! Stay tuned for more info soon.

More information: Plugin Alliance