Plugin Alliance has announced the release of bx_rockrack, a guitar amp plug-in par excellence, developed by Plugin Alliance founder member Dirk Ulrich’s renowned German plug-ins company Brainworx.

BX give you a handful of perfectly modeled tube-amps, and the way they have captured COMPLETE recording chains in some of the best equipped studios with the help of very experienced engineers is simply revolutionary. Select your favorite speaker, choose your amp, tweak the gain and EQ settings, and there you go.

World-class guitar sounds, recallable and reliable. If you have ever tried to record the same identical amp in the same studio twice and ended up frustrated because the results just were NOT the same in the end you know what we are talking about.

Unlike most other guitar amp plug-ins, bx_rockrack can be controlled just like a real amp and small effects rack; moreover, with so many perfect-sounding set-ups to choose from, its recording chains need not be edited or altered — simply select the cabinet, microphone, studio, and… keep on rockin’ in the real world! A nice-sounding vintage delay, noise gate, and high-quality guitar tuner are also at hand, helpfully, while some innovative Brainworx filters speedily shape amp set-ups with ease.

bx_rockrack can easily be played live since it offers a CPU-friendly, ultra-low-latency engine, so multiple instances can comfortably be run on any modern computer. The basic version includes the amps, recording chains, and Effects Rack, while the soon-to-be released PRO version will offer additional guitar-orientated plug-ins, plus an ability to use the bx_rockrack recording chains with other guitar amp plug-ins, or even real guitar amps via their line-out connections to the computer.

bx rockrack

Brainworx bx_rockrack features a choice collection of high-end guitar amp models that exactly emulate guitar recording in the highly-coveted Brainworx studio or The Mix Room.

bx_rockrack features

  • 5 channels modeled to sound like these classic amps: Clean Marshall® JCM800®, Lead Marshall® JCM800®, Clean ENGL® 530, Lead ENGL® 530, MesaBoogie® Rectoverb®
  • Cabinets used: Marshall® 1960 TV, MesaBoogie® 4×12, Orange® 2×12, Diezel® 4×12.
  • Original recording chains from The Mix Room (Ben Grosse) and Brainworx Studio (Dirk Ulrich).
  • Microphones: Vintage Neumann® CMV-563, Royer® 121, Shure® SM57.
  • Consoles: NEVE® VXS72 (Brainworx Studio), plus TAB® V76 mic preamp, SSL 9000K (The Mix Room LA) with Vintage Neve 1073 preamps & EQs.

The bx_rockrack for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) is available to purchase for the introductory price of $199 USD until July 30, 2012 (regular $249 USD)

More information: Plugin Alliance / bx_rockrack