Plugin Alliance has launched bx_rooMS, a reverb effect plugin that combines Brainworx’s M/S processing and Fiedler Audio’s TrueSpace technology.

The TrueSpace algorithm allows bx_rooMS to create astoundingly realistic environments by providing a continuous range of parameter values that seamlessly blend an infinite world of virtual spaces.

Brainworx bx_rooMS

New from the masters of mid-side processing, bx_rooMS is a breathtaking reverb and the next frontier in simulation of acoustic spaces and mechanical plates. At its core, Brainworx’s new space-meister features unparalleled realism, superb sound quality, and a huge collection of virtual rooms, halls, churches, plates and ambience. But bx_rooMS also empowers you to shape your virtual spaces in unusual and extremely powerful ways, adding mid-side parametric filtering, center-image panning and width control of the reverb’s stereo field.

The key to bx_rooMS’ realism and versatility lies in its embedded TrueSpace technology, which explodes the number of included reverb algorithms to create a virtually infinite number of room sizes and shapes. While currently available reverb technologies emulate a fixed set of space types, such as Room, Hall, Church etc. (often called algorithms) and then offer a limited range of possible sizes for each of them, TrueSpace provides a continuous range of unique space types (or algorithms) while always making available the full range of possible sizes.

bx_rooMS features

  • Stunning simulations of rooms, halls, churches, plates and ambience.
  • TrueSpace technology provides a continuous range of unique space types while always making available the full range of possible sizes, giving you a virtually infinite number of possible room shapes and sizes accessible via just a few straightforward parameters.
  • Quick Select buttons easily produce settings for five different environments of three sizes each, starting you off with a solid acoustic response before you quickly hone the space to taste.
  • Continuously variable Stereo Width control adjusts reverb field from mono to stereo to super-wide stereo.
  • Pan M control pans the reverb’s mid channel to correct an imbalanced soundstage or for creative effect.
  • Mono Maker control collapses bass content in the wet signal to mono below an adjustable corner frequency, anchoring the reverb’s center and increasing clarity at its edges.
  • Fully parametric 2-band equalizer can be assigned to the mid, side or both mid and side channels, or bypassed.
  • Room Shape slider gradually adjusts the character of reverb programs from natural to artificial.
  • Continuously variable Source Distance control moves the dry signal farther out into the virtual room.
  • Directivity control adjusts the degree to which each channel of stereo input signals gets fed into the opposite reverb channel.
  • Low- and high-frequency damping controls use continuously variable shelving filters with independent bypasses.
  • Modulation Frequency and Amount controls add subtle movement or create outrageous, pitch-shifting reverbs.
  • Indispensable Fix Mix parameter allows preset surfing without changing wet/dry balance of effect.
  • Quantize function changes wet signal’s bit depth to 8, 12, 16 or 24 bits to emulate both classic and modern reverb designs.
  • Extremely low CPU drain allows many instances to be used on track inserts across a mix.
  • Stereo>stereo and mono>mono configurations included.
  • Nearly 200 presets from experienced producers and engineers who know bx_rooMS inside and out.

bx_rooMS for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for the introductory price of $99 USD (regular $199 USD). A 14-day trial version is available for download.

More information: Plugin Alliance / bx_rooMS