Brainworx bx_control

Brainworx releases bx_control, control listening tool and an M/S matrix with built-in mono maker and stereo width control.

bx_control features

  • Individual switches for input and output (L/R or M/S) let you determine how the bx_control will work.
  • L/R flip – easily swap left and right channels of any stereo signal or master sum (mix).
  • Innovative solo buttons: listen to the essential “parts” of your stereo signals phase-corrected on BOTH speakers.
  • Balance control: balance out any mix so the MONO signals that SHOULD BE in the center are centered properly FOR SURE.
  • Mono maker: our unique tool to easily mono out your stereo signal in the bass frequencies, adjustable from 20Hz up to 22 kHz(!)
  • Stereo width control: M/S width, adjustable with 1 knob from “0” (mono) up to 400%.
  • Balance meter: will SHOW you if your mix is well centered.
  • Correlation meter: will SHOW you if the phases of your stereo signals are correct.
  • Hi-Res LED metering: PEAK and RMS metering, switchable L/R or M/S, with switchable PEAK HOLD.

Brainworx bx_control is available for Windows PC and Mac OSX (VST/RTAS), and costs 88 EUR (incl. VAT).

Visit Brainworx for more information and links to download a demo of bx_control.