Bram Bos has announced the release of Kosmonaut, a multi-tap delay effect for iOS.

The plugin lets you put your dry sounds in a rich and spacious ambiance, adding life and presence to your signal, ranging from subtle and minimal to outer-space-madness.

Bram Bos Kosmonaut Space Explorer

Today marks the launch of Kosmonaut, my first foray into effects plugins. I originally made it for myself, because my hardware setup was missing a solid multi-tap delay, but I have decided to polish it a bit further and release it as an AUv3 effect plugin for iOS.

I have subtitled it the “Space Explorer”, because it packs a number of classic spatial effect techniques into a single signal flow.

Kosmonaut features

  • Tape looper with with variable sound-on-sound decay level.
  • 4-Tap Delay (placed in series for complex feedback loops).
  • LP/HP filters with LFO.
  • Autopanner.
  • Ambiance Generator.
  • Haas Effect Processor (aka ‘wavefront precedence effect’).

Kosmonaut is available for purchase for $3.99 USD.

More information: Ruismaker