Brandon Clark Starmap Vol 1 for Dune 2

Brandon Clark has announced the release of Starmap Vol.1, a soundset featuring 64 presets for the Dune 2 synthesizer by Synapse Audio.

Starmap Vol.1 is a Sci-Fi themed sound set for Dune 2 that is inspired by the idea of advanced space travel in a time when humanity becomes so overpopulated that finding a new habitable planet becomes essential.

This sound set focuses on complex atmospheres, layered drones, cinematic pads, ambient synths, and celestial keys.

Starmap Vol.1 is the first part of a three part series in which each volume will focus on a different sound type. Vol.1 is centered around, but not limited to Atmospheres.

The soundset is available for download at “name your price” (including free) until May 2nd, 2016. The regular price is $10.95 USD.

More information: Brandon Clark / Starmap Vol.1