Bremmers Audio Design MultitrackStudio

Bremmers Audio Design has released version 6.1 of MultitrackStudio, featuring new pitch shifting and time stretching technology powered by Dirac Pro.

The new release also features a built in VSTi bridge, which runs the VSTi plug-in in a separate Windows process. This new feature allows for using all memory available in 64-bit Windows by running multiple 32-bit processes.

Changes in MultitrackStudio v6.1

  • Vocal Pitch Correction (in audio track editors).
  • Track editors can stretch or ‘warp’ parts. Both audio and MIDI.
  • Audio pitch shifting (in audio track editors).
  • Tempo editor can optionally change tempo of audio tracks.
  • Audio/MIDI editors can reverse selected part.
  • VSTi plug-ins can run ‘bridged’ (out-of-process). This can be used to utilise more than 2 GB of RAM on 64 bit systems.
  • .aem files: you can now browse for any missing edit files.
  • Audio scrubbing tries to keep original pitch.
  • MIDI: improved handling of overlapped unison notes (in MIDI files and while playing back)
  • Pianoroll: “Join Previous Notes” is now “Merge Notes”, and can merge more than two notes.
  • A couple of bugs have been fixed.
  • The lower editions now have some features which used to be Pro Plus only. Most notably, scrubbing is now in all versions, and the Professional edition now comes with the Wheel Organ and Electric Piano.

Version 6.1 is available free of charge for users who purchased MultitrackStudio after February 1, 2009. Older versions can be upgraded from Pro Plus for $39 USD, and from Professional for $23 USD.

More information: MultitrackStudio