Brian Green has released the Yamaha PSS-7 Mystery Bend Sample Pack, a collection of original and royalty-free samples from a circuit bent Yamaha PSS-7.

Brian Green Yamaha PSS-7

I decided tonight that i would try to do some bending stuff with my pss-7 again since i have only messed with it once and never really did much, after awhile of messing around i found 3 contact points that would basically cause the unit to freak out in a different way every time.

The reason i call it the mystery bend is you never know what your going to get sometimes it will loop, other times it will be a Fx sound and it will fade all on its own other times it just does what ever it wants its a mystery, Hence the name.

After while of messing around with it i decided it would be a good idea to make some loops out of the glitches because i could not recreate the sounds it was making and i just decided to make a little sample pack which can be downloaded below.

The Yamaha PSS-7 Mystery Bend Sample Pack can be downloaded here (MediaFire).

More information: Seeyouinsleep