Thenatan has released a new Swiss Army Knife multi-effect plugin designed to bring back the nostalgic vibes of old/retro days, and take your listener to when all the ‘faults’ were a part of the songs.

Providing modern and classic wet tones, Vybz lets you eat up breaks, craft broken beats, or add more musical material to your beats.

With Vybz ultimate all-purpose effect modules, you can colorize your mixes and crank it back a few decades when snaps, crackles, and pops were a necessary part of the experience.

Vybz features

  • Layer textures onto your existing audio with the texture unit.
  • III verb designed for getting a very fast, powerful, and high-quality reverb sound. + convolution reverb.
  • Get short slap, or infinity feedbacks with the echo unit, a tempo-synced delay effect, with color control & chorus.
  • Distort your signals using inbuilt analog-style distortions, or shape your sounds with Vybz waveshaper.
  • With the time machine select the record’s year of your beat, from 1930 up until now, or feel the lo-fi magic with VHS & drop-out effects.
  • Stereo enhancement, volume modulation/side chain, trance gate, tremolo/panner all available on the motion module.
  • II band, equalizer designed to correct or balance issues in the most important frequencies, the low and high end + dynamic eq.
  • Presets to help you get to work right away.

Available in VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac, Vybz is on sale at ADSR for $29.50 USD for a limited time (regular $79.50 USD).

More information: Thenatan