Master Tones has released a new audio plugin that is designed to make your sound fat or bright with the turn of a knob.

British Kolorizer is a saturation effect modeled after a British tube amplifier, coloring the sound with a more dynamic timbre.

From vintage to vavoom, the British Kolorizer, or the “BK” for short, takes sound to a whole new level. The opulent sound of tomorrow, comes to you today. The BK delivers the sharp ultra-modern advantage of AI.

AI makes it possible to interpret between the various forms of sound and science to analyze the system and perfect your music creation. The BK is endowed with the characteristics of human intellectual processes that can discover threads and learn, making repetition a thing of the past. The feeling is cozy and intimate, just like that of an exquisite sunset.

The plugin includes 10 presets to get you started. Modeled with the Ariosa engine, the plugin has imperceptible latency with no comprise in quality (96kHz internal computing sampling rate).

British Kolorizer is available for Windows and Mac in VST3 and AU plugin formats. It is free to download until June 17th, 2021 (regular $149 USD).

More information: Master Tones