Flintpope has announced the release of Brittle, a soundset featuring 24 original presets for the Sculpture synthesizer instrument in Logic Pro X.

Flintpope’s BRITTLE instruments load with unique channel-strips that morph the textures and tonality of real instruments into unusual spaces.

What Apple say about SCULPTURE…

“Sculpture is a unique physical modelling instrument that produces tones no other synth can. By re-creating the sound of vibrating materials like wood, glass, nylon or metal, it generates uncommon and creative variations of strings, bells, chimes and other instruments. You can change the virtual body of the instrument to everything from guitar to cello, flute and more. Control how the instrument is plucked, bowed or otherwise played. And use the X/Y pad to morph between materials. A deep set of modulation parameters produce movement and evolving textures. When you’re looking for a completely unexpected sound, Sculpture gives you incredible sound design options.”

Whether you just want an unusual effect for a track or want to dive into a surreal soundscape that would work equally well in a modern ballet or an indie horror film… try BRITTLE.

Brittle is a free download.

More information: Flintpope