Brown Wyzzard Filthpig

Brown Wyzzard has released Filthpig, a monstrous, six oscillator hybrid synthesizer with an extreme potential for tweakability.

Geared towards drones, noise, sirens and circuit-bent style glitching, Filthpig employs two full, three oscillator synth sections — one to produce sound and the other to act as a dedicated modulation source. Each section contains two tuning controls, a modulation depth knob, a waveform selector (five waveforms) and an amplitude envelope for each oscillator as well as a 3 x 3 modulation matrix that lets the output of any oscillator modulate any other oscillator (including itself). These modulation matrices also contain sync switches, and the modulator part of the synth also links oscillator output to the pitch values for the sound-producing section.

Although a monosynth at heart, Filthpig also has the ability to be switched into a three voice poly mode for added functionality, and also has two cascaded filters (hicut and then locut) for tone shaping. Whether you are an experimentalist or just like crazy sounds, Filthpig is sure to crawl out of the garbage can and into your heart (where it will undoubtedly lay eggs and die).

Filthpig features

  • 6 oscillators w/ 5 waveforms each.
  • Two 3 osc. synth sections.
  • Each osc. with its own channel strip (including ADSR, tuning, etc.).
  • Two 3 x 3 osc. sync / modulation matrices.
  • Feedback modulation routing for unending modulation tweaks.
  • 3 voice poly mode.
  • Cascading low and high pass filters on output.

Filthpig is available to purchase as a VST instrument for Windows PC, priced at $24.99 USD.

Visit Brown Wyzzard for more information.