BTC Audio Valsier v1.0

BTC Audio has released Valsier, a bass synth VST instrument for Windows PC.

Offering a simple to learn interface, yet devastatingly large sounds, Valsier can take your bass tracks to the next level.
Despite it’s simple appearance, Valsier is capable of creating monstrous basslines suitable for a wide range of electronic music.

Valsier features

  • Two multi-OSCs.
  • Dedicated sub OSC.
  • Separate drive units on the OSCs (pre-filter) and master (post-filter).
  • Multi stage graphical envelopes.
  • Two multi-mode 12db/oct filters with pitch tracking.
  • Filter 1 : 16 part step sequenced LFO with live smoothing and templates; dry / wet mixing.
  • Filter 2 : multi stage graphical envelope.
  • Stereo chorus effect.
  • Reverb effect.
  • Effective program manager with 30 pre-programmed patches.
  • Full VST2 host automation.
  • Available with or without windows installer.

Valsier is available for £25 GBP. A fully functional stand-alone version is available for testing purposes.

Visit BTC Audio for more information, demo tracks and a link to download a demo version of Valsier.