Homegrown Sounds has announced AirWaves, a new synthesizer instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt that uses shortwave radio signals for its sound source.

Homegrown Sounds AirWaves

AirWaves is a unique Synthesizer which uses 6 XY Motion Sequencers to build collages using Shortwave Radio signals as its Sound Source. Shortwave is an Alien World that has fascinated me since childhood and I’ve been wanting to explore making a product for a long time. The Motion Sequencers ensure that you will always get something new using the many Randomizers, and presets can have an organically complex lifespan. There are also 100 Presets included to showcase the types of sounds you can generate.

The intention for the Scripted Instrument was to take some of the ideas used in Motion, adding 4 more Motion Sequencers and attempt to create a Synth that is visually less complex. As a result all of the sound generation is available on a single Panel, and there is only one other Panel which is dedicated to the FX and Preset Browser.

Clicking on one of the XY Pads will bring up it’s associated settings such as Record, Play, Frequency and Amount. There is no manual yet, there is still some work to do before the official release but everything should be fully functional.

AirWaves is available now for an early bird price of just $19.99 USD. It will be released officially mid June with an intro price of $24.99 USD. There are another 2 banks of waveforms still to be added and some further enhancements.

More information: Homegrown Sounds / AirWaves