AudioTheory has announced the release of AudioTheory Grids, a music theory software with extensive options for building a composition on a grid layout.

AudioTheory Grids

The app allows you to input notes as desired and then play them back across the piano and fretboard diagrams.

AudioTheory Grids combines intuitive music theory tools with the power of a grid-based sequencer. Customise your grid, program in a composition and then play it back on the piano and guitar fretboard diagrams.

Real-time playback is combined with powerful tools built to visually explain how a melody or piece of music is constructed.

AudioTheory Grids features

  • Playback across the piano and fretboard diagrams simultaneously.
  • A comprehensive set of input tools – cycle through multiple grids and quickly swap between arrangements during playback.
  • Drum grids with a selection of preset sounds.
  • Quickly save and load compositions to and from the grid.
  • Exclude notes or load a scale preset directly to the grid.
  • An intuitive colour-coding system to identify notes across different mediums.
  • Left-handed mode, shifted tunings, customisable grid highlighting. Options to choose between guitar and bass fretboard diagrams.

The app is available for Windows and macOS, priced $6.99 USD.

More information: AudioTheory