In a new Reverb Tone Report video, Andy Martin shows how you can create a modern shoegaze pedalboard with modern stompboxes.

Shoegaze musicians are known for their pedal prowess, and the lush, aggressive sounds associated with acts like My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Slowdive, and so many others inspired Andy to build a compelling board for himself. What would be on yours?

If you have unsure footing in where to start with this effect-heavy genre, we have the reverbs, delays, and more to start summoning your own soundscapes.

Andy mentions the boutique Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess multi-effect, Walrus Audio Slö multi-texture reverb and EHX Green Russian Muff distortion/sustainer for post-reverb, Flower Pedals Dandelion Tremolo, Crazy Tube Circuits Sidekick multi-effect, and the Adventure Audio Glacial Zenith II.

He also takes a look at building a board with classic shoegaze effects.

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Reverb Tone Report Shoegaze Pedalboard