ADSR Sounds has announced the Bundle Of The Void #1, comprising Leap Into The Void’s The Serpent and Darker Than Dark Within Bloom soundsets for Native Instruments Massive.

Dark evolving soundscapes, pulsating doom, industrial and cinematic pads, ominous sequences, drones, organs, bass, bells, fx sounds, beautiful pads and leads.

A massive 256 sounds suited for electronic and/or dark music any genre, sound art, film and games production, experimental composition and live performance.

Bundle Of The Void #1

  • The Serpent — Creepy, ominous, dark, seductive and divined with temperament and wisdom. An infinite amount of layers, every sound is a world on it’s own. 128 sounds designed with careful assignment of each macro knob to enable an enormous range of possible variations on every single preset.
  • Darker Than Dark Within Bloom — Monumental and bewitching. Even more dark, more scary, more ominous, and more beautiful. 128 sounds designed to seduce and enchant from the darkest of dark. All sounds come with careful assignment of each macro knob to suit the specific preset. Every sound is tagged for easy access and comes with a detailed description of the sound, the macro knob assignments and examples of variations where applicable. Patchlist with comments are included in the download.

The bundle costs $48 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds