BVKER has announced the release of Drillers, a free sample pack featuring a collection sounds designed for UK Drill music production.

The pack includes various loops and matching MIDI files, as well as genre typical drum shots and 808s.

Starting off you’ll get access to 64 drum one shots, including kicks, snares, claps, cymbals and everything else you need. We made sure to give the samples some “dirt” (especially the kicks) so they really fit the genre.

Next up we made hat-, snare- & 808 loops + matching MIDI files for all of them. As a bonus we cooked up 16 melodies and again: matching MIDI files.

Drillers features

  • 10 snare loops + MIDIs.
  • 10 hat loops + MIDIs.
  • 10 808 loops + MIDIs.
  • 16 melodic loops + MIDIs.
  • 16 808 Shots.
  • 05 Claps.
  • 18 Cymbals.
  • 10 Kicks.
  • 05 Percs.
  • 10 Snares.

The sample pack is available for download at no charge.

More information: BVKER