Cableguys has announced Curve 2, a new version of the virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Curve introduced unique waveform editing and preset sharing to the world of synthesizers. Version 2 is in the making, taking its preset sharing steps further and adding more creative sound features. All this while keeping its ease of use, at an excellent sound quality.

Changes in Curve 2

  • Enhanced Audio – Curve’s unparalleled flexibility of drawing waveforms for its aliasing-free OSCs and LFOs brought inspiring, unique sounds. Version 2 adds drawable envelopes, allows for two waveforms per OSC and adds a comprehensive unisono mode.
  • Expanded Preset Library – Curve’s preset library is a shared online database. Version 2 makes sharing sounds even more exciting by adding a version history, author and preset descriptions and providing a consistent library.
  • Improved Usability – Curve got praises for its great usability and slick interface. On request from our users, we’ve improved the color scheme. Version 2 brings a new layout, and adds MIDI assignment.
  • The Curve Community – Since the first beta of Curve 1.0, the Curve community steers the synthesizer’s future by submitting bug reports and feature requests, and by sharing presets.

The public beta for Curve 2 will start in Q1/2012, while more features will be added on the way. Those who purchase Curve 1 or the Cableguys Bundle now will get get the upgrade to Curve 2 for free.

More information: Cableguys