Cableguys Bundle special

Cableguys has announced a limited time promotion for its Cableguys Bundle, offering a 33% discount.

Ends November 1st: You can now get the Cableguys Bundle for EUR 99/USD 129 (33% off its regular price)! The Bundle includes Curve, FilterShaper, VolumeShaper and MidiShaper.

Cableguys Bundle features

  • Curve: A unique, community-driven software synthesizer with editable waveforms and preset sharing.
  • FilterShaper: 2 acclaimed filters. 4 LFOs. Create complex volume, pan and filter modulations with ease.
  • VolumeShaper: Streamlined interface for flexible volume modulation. Simulate sidechain, create gate effects, refine levels.
  • MidiShaper: Enhance your synths and effects. Add spice with powerful LFOs and envelopes.

More information: Cableguys