Cableguys has launched a preset contest for Curve 2, the virtual synthesizer instrument that is currently in public beta.

Curve 2 preset contest

We’re looking for unusual sounds—the ones that push Curve to its limits—but we’re also looking for clever, useful sounds and just about anything that sounds amazing.

There’s a lot of prices in the pot for the top-50 presets. And we’ll pick our absolute favorite preset: Its creator gets all plugins we’ll ever do for free!

Curve 2 preset contest prizes

  • Top 1: All Cableguys plugins (including future plugins).
  • Top 2: Cableguys Bundle.
  • Top 3: Curve 2.
  • Top 4—50: 20 EUR/$28 USD discount on a Curve 2 license.

You can enter the contest until the end of the beta testing.

More information: Cableguys