Cableguys has released updates for its entire product catalog (Curve 1.3, FilterShaper 2.2, VolumeShaper 2.2, PanCake 1.2).


Everything’s updated. Now all our plugins have 40 wavepoints for drawing waveforms. More weirdness, more control for wobbles, for arpeggios in Curve, etc.

On top of that, Curve has now an additional feature: One-shot LFOs, particularly good for drums. In case you use a one-shot LFO, you can draw in the precise envelope you prefer (we must admit this ranked low in Curve’s public wish list, but we got it done in almost no time by reusing the code from our upcoming plugin MidiShaper).

Furthermore, Curve’s LFO 1+2 can now be optionally synced to the host position, instead of being retriggered.

Curve 1.3 is just out. Curve 1.4 is in the making. Still some work to do, but legato — top-rated in Curve’s public wish list — will be introduced with Curve 1.4.

More information: Cableguys