Cakewalk Sonar X1 Expanded

Cakewalk has announced SONAR X1 Expanded, providing exciting new capability for SONAR Producer customers.

SONAR X1 Expanded provides SONAR Producer users with additional functionality to extend an already impressive toolset and take their productions to new heights along with new delivery options.

SONAR X1 Expanded highlights

  • ProChannel Modularity — SONAR X1 Producer‘s impressive ProChannel console strip already provides a number of options to get pro-studio sound in the box with its highly musical EQ, PC76 U-Type/classic FET and PC4K S-Type bus compressors, tube saturation, and flexible drag & drop routing. Now the ProChannel experience further expands with fully modular capability. ProChannel strips can be customized to have any combination of installed modules available on any channel. Favorite combinations can be set as default for tracks and busses.
  • Saturation Knob — Softube’s Saturation Knob ProChannel module borrows from Softube’s famous German FET distortion and compression circuitry modeling. And like their Passive-Active EQ design provides smooth, one-knob, frequency saturation for adding just the right amount of tube warmth to any track.
  • FX Chains 2.0 — Introduced in SONAR X1, FX Chains provide a powerful and flexible way to organize and create combinations of multiple effects including DSP-based effects. FX Chains 2.0 expands the concept from simple effects container to fully customizable plug-in interface, complete with user-definable skins. Knobs and sliders are assignable to any effect parameters within the chain and are available for remote control. Drag and drop FX Chains from the Browser, between tracks, or to individual clips.
  • SoundCloud Integration — Adding to SONAR X1’s exceptional audio delivery options, users can now upload finished songs in any bit /sample rate from SONAR directly to SoundCloud by simply connecting to their SoundCloud account from within SONAR. Integrated SoundCloud support provides a simple and efficient way to share music with family, friends, and fans automatically via Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media sites.
  • Music XML — SONAR X1 Expanded supports Music XML, the universal digital sheet music interchange and distribution format. This new notation export capability is easily accessed in the Staff View. Once a composition is finished, simply export in Music XML format for use in popular notation programs such as Finale, Notion, and Sibelius.
  • Additional workflow enhancements include bi-directional drag & drop of data (audio, MIDI, FX chains, etc.) between the Brower and Track View, simultaneous replace synth in track while keeping all other routing in-tact, and a number of UI refinements applied across the entire application.

SONAR X1 Producer customers can purchase the SONAR X1 Expanded download for $49 USD / €39 EUR / £35 GBP (vat inclusive) from the Cakewalk store starting late September 2011.

More information: Cakewalk