Cakewalk by BandLab is now supporting the ARA 2 interface extension. This not only broadens the choice of ARA plugins available to Cakewalk users but also improves the entire functioning of Melodyne within Cakewalk.

BandLab ARA 2

The ARA Audio Random Access interface extension improves the communication between compatible DAWs and plug-ins, making faster workflows and new applications possible. The standard, which was developed by Celemony and Presonus, is supported by numerous DAWs: e.g. Logic, Studio One and in the near future also Cubase.

Users of Cakewalk by BandLab will now be able to use ARA 2 plug-ins that take advantage of the new and improved ARA 2 interface extension, profiting not only from still deeper integration but also from the expanded range of possible applications. ARA 2 support has considerable advantages for Melodyne users too, as Melodyne operates noticeably faster and smoother within Cakewalk as a result.

Cakewalk by BandLab supports ARA 2 from Version 2019.05 on; the Windows DAW can be downloaded free of charge.

In celebration of ARA 2 compatibility, you can win the win Melodyne Studio in a contest which is running until June 21st.

BandLab has also announced that the full family of BandLab Link recording interfaces is now available. The BandLab Link family is an affordable, high-quality series of interfaces built for the needs of the modern musician.

BandLab Link family

BandLab is shipping two new products: the Link Analog Mini ($19.99 USD), and Link Digital Duo ($79.99 USD), rounding the line up to four affordable and simple-to-use interfaces. The original Link series consisted of the Link Analog ($39.99 USD) and the Link Digital ($69.99 USD).

With the Link family, musicians can simply plug in and play their instruments – whether they’re on the road, in the practice room, or at home. BandLab interfaces are portable powerhouses that turn music into production-ready recordings.

More information: BandLab