Cakewalk Biolabs Volume 1 Rapture Expansion Pack

Cakewalk has released two new expansion packs: Biolabs Volume 1 (Rapture) and Digital Sound Factory Volume 1 (Dimension).

Biolabs Volume 1 is a new Rapture Expansion Pack containing 250 programs skillfully programmed by Biomechanoid. The Expansion Pack includes a 230 MB sample library hand selected by BiolabsAudio for use with Rapture’s sfz Expression Engine.

Biolabs Volume 1 features

  • Pads: a large set of evolving pads useful for a wide range of styles and situations
  • Atmospheres: useful for underlying elements, atmospheres, textures, excellent for providing background ambience to any track
  • Instruments: a set of acoustic instrument emulations that expose harmonics, timbres, and fx that have never been heard
  • Bass: deep and dark bass sounds
  • Leads & Synth: a selection of leads and solo sounds that break sonic barriers
  • SFX: a diverse spectrum of unusual sound effects useful for intros, outros, and other transitions
  • Rhythmics: a set focused on hyperactive sequences, containing tempo synced elements and effects

Cakewalk Digital Sound Factory Volume 1 Dimension Pro Expansion Pack
Digital Sound Factory Volume 1 is a new Dimension Pro Expansion Pack that highlights a completely new Grand Piano. The new expansion pack includes over 200 new presets expertly programmed by sound designer Timothy Swartz. This set packs 520MB of new content professionally recorded and engineered from a finely crafted Yamaha Conservatory Grand Piano. Multiple velocities of pedal up, pedal down, and key up were recorded to preserve the acoustic harmonic content, resulting in unmatched realism and playability.

Digital Sound Factory Volume 1 features

  • Recorded with Audio-Technica 4060 microphones into Universal Audio 2-610 tube preamplifiers
  • High quality analog to digital signal processors were used to convert the sound into 32 bit, 96 kilohertz digital format
  • Using the power of the sfz format, parameters such as footswitch (CC64) will switch between pedal up and pedal down layers, and note off triggers switch to the actual sound of the piano’s key release
  • The library includes ten different banks of sounds: Grand Piano, Electric Pianos, Guitars, Layers, Orchestral, Organs, Pads, Splits, Synth Basses, and Synths

Both Expansion Packs cost $59 each (download).

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