Cakewalk has released Minimoog Tribute Expansion Pack, an expansion pack for Rapture and Rapture LE.

Industry icon Craig Anderton has created a stunning tribute to legend Bob Moog with the the Minimoog Tribute Expansion Pack for Rapture. This special expansion pack blends classic Moog sounds with modern synthesis making it a must-have for any Rapture or Rapture LE customer.

Anderton says:

“I didn’t just want to imitate what the Minimoog did, because there are plenty of those sounds available. Bob’s genius was that the Minimoog was adaptable to so many musicial contexts, and this expansion pack adapts his waveforms to yet another context. So while there are some of the analog classics — basses, French horn, vox humana, and others — there are also sounds like richly varying rhythms based on tools like step sequencing”

The Minimoog Tribute Expansion Pack is available to registered Rapture, Rapture LE, and SONAR 7 customers for $49.95 USD via download at the Cakewalk website. In addition to the programs and waveforms, the package includes two informational videos: a photo gallery of the Minimoog used by Anderton, as well as a video with the story behind the programs.

Visit Cakewalk for more information and sound examples.