Cakewalk releases RE-2A Leveling Amplifier for Reason


Cakewalk has released RE-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier, a Rack Extension for Propellerhead Software’s Reason music production platform.

Cakewalk RE-2A Leveling AmplifierRE-2A Leveling Amplifier is Cakewalk’s take on the LA-2A by Universal Audio.

RE-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier is meticulously modeled after a legendary vintage electrooptical tube compressor.

This compressor, known for its automatic gain control characteristics, delivers vintage sound with incredibly warm and rich compression. It is revered by audio engineers worldwide for its trademark sound, and has been used on countless hit records since the late 1960s. It is one of the true classics in the audio recording industry.

RE-2A Leveling Amplifier features

  • Meticulously modeled.
  • Zero latency for realitime tracking and mixing.
  • Up to 40dB of smooth, transparent gain reduction.
  • Frequency dependent compression.
  • Program dependent attack/release.
  • Fully modeled “R37” HF Pre-emphasis control.
  • Dual photocell reset modes (Classic & Fast Reset).
  • Use side-chain compression for ducking, de-essing, pumping, and more.
  • Modulate other effects using the Gain Reduction CV Output.

The Rack Extension is available to purchase for 65 EUR.

More information: Cakewalk RE-2A Leveling Amplifier

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This is real comical…making or developing products on a competitors
platform. Ummm…I believe reasons is now a full DAW, which means it’s
competition against Sonar! Don’t think Propellerhead will be messing
around making anything for Sonar anytime…EVER!