Cakewalk Z3TA+

Cakewalk recently released Z3TA+ version 1.5, followed by a small update.

ZETA+ is one of those synths I should probably get, but never do… Anyway, nice updates in v1.5.

Updated in v1.5

  • Native Windows Vista® support (fully Windows Vista compliant, in all Vista editions)
  • supports x64 binaries
  • New stand-alone mode, can now work as stand-alone instrument
  • Real-time and off-line playback quality selectors, individual playback quality settings for real-time and for off-line processing
  • Import MIDI file to Arpeggiator function, import any MIDI files directly into the arpeggiator; MIDI file reference data is stored with the program, allowing for instant program recall
  • Optimized Arpeggiator Engine, on average large patches using multiple oscillators will see up to 50% reduction in CPU load
  • New MIDI Learn functionality
    • Add/Remove MIDI Control
    • Per-Control Min/Max/Reverse
    • Multiple MIDI Configurations

The v1.5.1 update fixes a few smaller problems and adds the option allowing wavetable transforms (after shaper processing) to be saved as wave files (waveshaper display context menu).

More information: Cakewalk