In Plugin Boutique’s first official “Blind Test”, record producer Steve Levine puts his extensive knowledge to the test to see if his keen ear can distinguish the Rhodes V8 VST from the real thing it is based on, the Rhodes MK8.

Steve Levine is a well established English record producer with credits from the Beach Boys to Culture Club and many more. He is also the proud owner of a MK8 piano, so we thought there was no one better to put to the Plugin Boutique Blind Test!

If you want, you can download and try out the Rhodes V8 by using the link above. You can even try to win the on-going contest which would not only give you a copy of the V8 Pro, but also a MK8 piano!!

You can download a free extended trial of the Rhodes V8 at Plugin Boutique and take part of the Missing Keys competition for a chance to win a Rhodes MK8 piano.

More information: Plugin Boutique