CAPSUN ProAudio Roseway Studio Sessions Vol.1 - Future Electronica

CAPSUN ProAudio has launched Roseway Studio Sessions Vol.1 – Future Electronica, a collection of 35 original studio sessions that include the full royalty free mixes and individual stems of each sample; created in partnership by CAPSUN ProAudio and composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist George Baldwin.

For the producer that loves to sample, chop, flip and experiment with audio, you need never worry about sample clearance with these sounds. Over 1GB of 24bit sound content including 30 Melodic Sessions and 5 Electronic Drum and Live Percussion Sessions. That’s 209 full WAV loops in total plus we’ve added 68 Foley Percussion and Tuned One Shots captured during recording and from around the studio. This collection includes every individual full session mix as well as the separated and tracked out stems (e.g. guitar, keys, synth, vocals, percussion, etc.).

The Future Electonica concept means these sounds are perfect for Hip-Hop, Chill Trap, Future Bass, Rap, Future Beats, Drum & Bass and much more. We’re talking haunting harps, rich analogue synths, classic drum machines, live keys and stringed instruments. Live bass and guitars processed through a multitude of amps and FX pedals, Foley recordings and experimental sound design. George’s signature vocals shine through and include stunning lead hooks, harmonies and choral stacks.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: CAPSUN ProAudio / Roseway Studio Sessions Vol.1