David Carbone, Domenico Cipriani, and Pasquale Ascione have teamed up to deliver Carbonizator, an effect plugin that is designed to enrich your sounds through harmonic distortion.

Composed of three valvular processors developed from scratch, Each valvular processors correspond to a different wave-shaping technique, carefully designed and fine-tuned for the tastiest and nastiest sonic result. Every single part has been developed with attention to the Vibe and Character of the sound.

Carbonizator features

  • 3 valve-modeling harmonic distortion / waveshaping algorithms, selected by color (red, purple, and green).
  • Distortion and intensity, for amount.
  • Highpass and lowpass filters, each with frequency modulation.
  • Per-filter LFO controls for filter FM, with speed, amount, and two waveforms (square/sine).
  • Resonance control.
  • Amplitude modulation with its own LFO (amount, speed, and two waveforms).

Available in VST3 and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac, Carbonizator is priced 14.99 EUR.

More information: Carbone Records