Casual Computing has announced the release of the Sputter music sequencer app for Android. The app is built using several open source technologies, including Pure Data and Faust for the audio engine and LibGDX for graphics and UI.

Sputter is an easy to use but capable mobile music making app. It has a mobile friendly user interface and does not require previous knowledge of music to create great tracks.

Instead of emulating traditional desktop music software it uses a mobile friendly approach inspired by more recent mobile offerings. At the same time it is not just a toy, and by exploring the help slides and the app itself you will discover several features uncommon in similar music making apps.

Sputter features

  • Feature complete grid style sequencer.
  • Mark different sections of your song with various symbols so they are easily found.
  • Choose from 16 different musical scales.
  • Built in synthesizer/sampler with ADSR, filters, LFO and other good stuff.
  • 8 built in effects.
  • Effects and synth parameters automation with real time recording.
  • Easily change and update whole parts of your song at once.
  • Several different time signatures (2/4, 3/4 etc).
  • Create your own instruments with your own wave files.
  • Export your song as a wave file for easy sharing or importing to other audio or video software.
  • Export and import songs for sharing and collaborating with other Sputter users.
  • Export and import instruments for sharing with other Sputter users.
  • No ads.
  • No unnecessary permissions.
  • No subscriptions.

The app is on sale at Google Play for the intro price of $0.99 USD until June 18th, 2020 (regular $2.99 USD).

The Pure Data patch Spitback which Sputter is based on is is available under a free and open license.

More information: Casual Computing