Catalinbread Montavillian Echo

Catalinbread has released the Montavillian Echo, a stompbox effect pedal.

Spoiled by the various tube driven echo units we have around the shop, we wanted the Montavillian Echo to sound (and feel) just as BIG!

We went all out on the audio path on this thing, taking painstaking efforts to make the dry signal sound (and feel) better when “on” than with the pedal bypassed. We decided that the corksniffer OPA2134 Burr Brown opamp was the best sounding option to achieve this.

The illusion of space and size that the Montavillian provides makes it one of the few stompboxes that comes close to an big ‘ole tube echo.

The Montavillian Echo is available to purchase for $159.95 USD excl. shipping.

More information: Catalinbread