CD Sound Master has announced the release of GEQ-8300, a collection of equalizer programs for Acustica Audio’s Nebula.

This eq has become perhaps the most highly-acclaimed eq for mastering. It shares the rich history in design from the original sweep-tunable, parametric eq. Created as the ultimate mixing version from a legendary shared-design, it has truly become a favorite mastering eq the world over. Its origin is known to have begun in the early ’70’s as a design requiring no inductors or any signal-altering items in the path. Following its lineage from the ‘130’ to the ‘430’, to what is known as a variant ‘8000’ series today, this is the ultimate no-compromise eq.

Where eq’s like the Pultec, and ‘The Peak’ are seen as the ultimate in colorful frequency adjustment worthy of mastering any material, the ‘GEQ’ has been designed for absolute purity in the signal path. Now that it resides in Nebula form, it functions as a fully repeatable mastering eq, containing harmonic content and perfectly clean versions.

GEQ-8300 EQ For Nebula features

  • 15 programs: Narrow, Wide, Medium, and Shelf EQ’s, ‘console’ preamps, and more.
  • Programs are sampled at 96kHz and are tested to retain accuracy at 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates with the latest version of Nebula3 Pro.

The GEQ-8300 EQ For Nebula is available to purchase for $59 USD.

More information: CD Sound Master / GEQ-8300