Acustica Audio Nebula3

CD Sound Master has released Retro Analog Studio Suite 1, a collection of high quality presets for Acustica Audio’s Nebula effect plug-in.

This library is the result of a great deal of research, and is made to provide you with a wealth of very realistic equalizers, preamps, tape tracks, and compressors. What is unique is that the focus is not on individual pieces of gear, but rather in providing the user with authentic complete signal chains modelled after several idealized, All-Analog Studios of the past.

Retro Analog Studio Suite 1 features

  • 30+ presets in 4 categories:
    1. RAE: Retro Analog Equalizers
    2. RAC: Retro Analog Compressors
    3. RAP: Retro Analog Preamps
    4. RAT: Retro Analog Tape

Be sure to read the manual for in depth information about the various presets (signal paths etc.)

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