CD Sound Master has released The Tube Bender EQ Collection, a tunable, natural, all-tube, harmonic distortion EQ for Nebula.

This collection features our original dual-valve hardware used to sample a collection of rare 12au7 tubes. This library is the ultimate answer to using the sound of the very bst vacuum tubes within a software plug-in in your choice of DAW’s in the box. No longer will you need to rely upon coded emulations or generalized abstractions of that elusive ‘tube’ sound. This collection allows you to choose exact settings of exact brands and designs. The “Vintage Tube Collection” contains over 70 Programs!

The Tube Bender EQ Collection features

  • Sampled directly from Hardware.
  • Four Stages of Complex Valve Harmonics.
  • Richly Textured, Extremely 3-Dimensional Sounding.
  • Multiple Variations on Wide “Q” Tracking and Mixing EQ.
  • Transformerless Tube Drive and.
  • Valve + Transformer EQ Combinations.
  • TEN Kernels of Perfectly Sampled Harmonics.
  • Virtually Indistinguishable From The Hardware.

The Tube Bender EQ Collection is available for purchase for $59 USD. A collection of sample presets is available for download from the product page.

Visit CD Sound Master for more information and audio demos.