Celebrate the Summer of Love with AmpStamp v1.3


The Musicology Group has updated its AmpStamp app for iOS. Version 1.3 comes with new amps, fx and cabinets, as well as optimized preset storing and loading.

AmpStamp Echo

At The Musicology Group we’re constantly searching for vintage gear, listening to classic records, and reading various articles to build a picture of what artists were using in the studio when recording some of their most famous works. Whether trying to assemble a collection of different gear or taking one element and tweaking it to perfection, it has to sound good and it has to sound right.

With that kind of mission statement it’s no less than a miracle when we find the right piece of gear that not only sounds good but sounds right. This is the magic we have captured with the VG 4x12A 100W ’67 Cabinet. Plucked from the confines of a home lost to time, nearly invisible to passerby, it’s what makes for a great quest. We think you’ll agree we have captured the sound of the Summer of Love, the year 1967.

Along with the VG402B Amplifier, your tone will be unmistakably familiar. And you won’t hear it anywhere else as manufacturing techniques and circuit designs after this point went through dramatic change. The intent was to improve upon previous limitations but the result was to isolate a period of rock n’ roll history with a unique sound. Stay tuned as we continue to revisit a long list of classic tones for the electric guitar through our app for iOS, AmpStamp.

Changes in AmpStamp v1.3

  • New amps and fx: 402B Amplifier, EC101C Echo, EQ100 Treble Boost.
  • New cabinets: 4X12A-100W-67 Cabinet, 2X12-PB-100W-66 Cabinet.
  • Optimized preset storing/loading.

AmpStamp is a free download from the iTunes App Store. The new amps, fx and cabinets are available as In-App purchases.

More information: The Musicology Group / AmpStamp

Shreddage 3 Stratus

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