Celemony has announced version 2 of the acclaimed ARA (Audio Random Access) Plug-In Extension, the interface extension that allows plugins and DAWs to communicate more comprehensively with one another and therefore work far better together.

Celemony ARA

ARA 2 comes with even greater possibilities, offering a more comprehensive exchange of information between DAWs and plugins, which makes additional applications possible.

The new ARA 2 specification allows, among other things, the simultaneous editing of multiple tracks, the transfer of chord track information between the DAW and the plug-in, seamless clip borders that make the manual setting of crossfades superfluous, Undo interlocking with the DAW, and much else besides.

To profit from the new possibilities, both programs – the DAW and the plug-in – must support the ARA 2 specification. Fortunately, ARA 2 is considerably more flexible and can be integrated more easily into a multitude of DAWs as well as supported by a very wide variety of plug-ins. What features then become available depends, of course, upon the specific plug-in and DAW in each case involved; one pairing may allow only simple sound editing, another perhaps even automatic tempo and harmony adjustments.

Celemony is holding out the prospect of the spring release of a version of Melodyne with ARA 2 – the beta-testing has already begun. ARA 2 was developed in collaboration with established as well as new ARA partners. The first implementations have already been announced: one development partner, Presonus, for example, is currently working on a version of Studio One featuring the new technology and also Cockos has announced ARA 2 integration for Reaper.

Apple, with its Logic Pro X 10.4, has already presented at the NAMM show ARA support based on ARA 2.

Celemony Melodyne Logic

The ARA support in Logic offers instant access to tracks in Melodyne without the hassle of transfers, a considerably faster Melodyne workflow when moving, looping or copying regions, and various simplifications of project management. Furthermore, Melodyne can now be introduced at an earlier stage of the comping process: when selecting and comparing takes.

Logic’s ARA support is based on the new ARA 2 specification, but for a plug-in to take advantage of this, it, too, must support ARA 2. A version of Melodyne that does this is currently undergoing beta testing and should be available soon. The current version of Melodyne (v. 4.1) will, of course, still run in Logic 10.4 but without ARA, so in this case transfers are still necessary.

Visit Celemony at the NAMM 2018 Show, at booth #16300, Level 1 ACC North.

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